Here in Europe’s last-settled country, ‘ice’ means co-o-ol, not cold. Iceland’s winters are usually warmer than Chicago’s or New York’s, summer days stretch past 20 hours, and all year Reykjavik’s runtur (weekend pub crawl) fills sidewalks ’til morning. Surprisingly trendy nightclubs are filled with locals who live longer, on average, than anyone on earth-despite all their partying. Visitors to Iceland-founded by Vikings and Celtic slaves 1,200 years ago-are more likely to see gooey lava spills and hardened lava fields than an iceberg. Boutique or business-styled hotels in the cute, but expensive, capital Reykjavik is a good place to base yourself. Go atop the 250-foot tower of the central Hallgrímskirkja church for city views, take tours of waterfalls or see whales offshore (best in spring and summer). Ferry to Vloey island for hiking trails on a volcanic-formed island and a meal in a 19th-century sheriff’s stone home, or to the nearby harbor town Hafnarfjörour for sprawling Viking-styled banquet feasts (including sheep’s head and squashed ram’s testies on an open-face sandwich-yum!). A bit easier on the system are irresistible dips in waters heated by volcanoes, found at nearby beaches or geothermal Jacuzzi-styled pools. The best is the surreal Blue Lagoon, a 1.2-acre steaming pool outside the capital where you can laze over cocktails and eye local beauties in skimpy swimsuits. When energized, hit the dozen snowboarding sites-even open in summer. Iceland may be as close to the North Pole as London, but it can feel more Mediterranean in its sense of (night)life-and it’s only five-and-a-half hours by flight from New York. This is a guys’ paradise to say the least!


Since activities around Iceland are rather spread out, we would strongly suggest having a car-otherwise taxis can quickly add up. We offer the following:

Cars with hired drivers (which also double as a guide)
Luxury rental Cars

Restaurants & Nightlife

travel-iceland-01In Iceland, there are only a handful of upscale restaurants and nightclubs. Genuine Access will make sure that all your group’s lunch and dinner reservations are taken care of throughout your stay. We will also have you work with our VIP host to ensure immediate access to the best nightclubs on the best nights. If desired, we will book you a table, which will always be the VIP and include your personal security for the night. Your VIP host can take your group from club to club without the hassle of waiting on any lines and can also arrange for you to be taken care of at one of the strip Clubs Iceland has to offer.


HolidayResort_Spa_2Although Iceland is a very European city, there are not a large amount of luxury hotels, which can make it difficult to get a room in the best hotels. Genuine Access has relationships with all of them and will ensure that you stay in one of these luxury abodes.


iceland-kayakThere are so many extraordinary activities to do in Iceland, you cannot go wrong! We suggest the following:

Snowmobiling (all year round)
White water rafting (spring-summer)
Horseback riding
Ice climbing
Golfing (spring-summer)
Deep Sea fishing
Dog Sledding
Whale Watching
Sight Seeing tours of the waterfalls
Helicopter rides
Blue Lagoon (This is a natural geothermal spa surrounded by lava field and black sandy beaches)


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