Who We Are

Gen Hershey – Genuine Access Inc., President

“Born with a back stage pass” …is what friends and family have always said about Gen Hershey. Her innate ability to make things happen and open doors has proven to be the genesis of a career in luxury travel and lifestyle management.

Gen’s personal skills of knowing where to be, who to talk to and what will happen next, led her to becoming the “right-arm”, to numerous high profile, Los Angeles-based CEO and entertainment industry executives.  It was her employers, so impressed by her skills, who suggested she start her own business – and that they become her first clients. Thus became Genuine Access, Inc.

Her love of language –demonstrated through conversational skills in Spanish, Hebrew,  Japanese, (and in her spare time she is learning Mandarin) –come in handy while organizing exclusive, luxurious and unique experiences for her clients. Whether a family vacation in Aguilla, a corporate retreat for 30 CEO’s in New York, or getting a client  into the  VIP NASA launch of the space shuttle —  her personal and professional skills leave no detail unattended, no option unconsidered.

Nashville-born and Los Angeles-bred, Gen Hershey embodies the best of both worlds: country warmth and city-savvy. On a daily basis she walks the line between getting her clients exactly where they need to be and when – and doing it all with grace, charm and style.  With travel as a career, work and personal happily become one.


Genuine Access, Inc. is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California


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