Epic Hotel: Miami, Florida

Epic Hotel:  Miami, Florida

Inside the EPIC Hotel (Home of that Rooftop Pool)

Yes, indeedy, those pools from yesterday’s Guess The Hotel game are on the 16th-floor terrace of the EPIC Hotel in downtown Miami.

Last week, we had the chance to see if all those good reviews for the EPIC were warranted and we have to say, the EPIC hotel does indeed have a lot of amenities that will make hotel guests very happy.

Also delighting our inner geek? The in-room computer. We know that hotels have finally gotten hip to offering WiFi in-rooms (some free, most not) but having in-room computers means we don’t have to lug our laptops around. Memo to all hotels: Copy Kimpton, do this now.

The bathroom was also a good-size, with both a rain shower and soaking tub.

Epic_acquaThen there are the bath products. Acqua di Parma! In generous sizes! An awesome surprise, and one that made us seriously contemplate swiping more samples off the maid’s cart. (We refrained.)

Epic_cabanaUp on the 29th floor is the Club Lounge where staffers let us goof around with the touch-screen “Surface Station” map—basically a giant smartphone-like device in the shape of an old Pac-Man arcade table. You can use it to check the weather, surf the net, listen to music, play the piano, and read the news (although the headlines wouldn’t load for us).

The business center and hotel gym are clean and welcoming—and, excellently, open 24 hours. (But, despite best intentions to do so, we failed to get up at 5 a.m. to work out or send a fax.)

The Area 31 restaurant was bustling on our weekday lunch visit (probably because of the Miami Spicepromotion), making the service, uh, leisurely but attentive.

Staying in downtown Miami is a little odd (it feels like being in a deserted video-game version of a city), but if you want more space and more bang for your buck than you’d get down on South Beach, the EPIC is definitely worth checking out.

-Hotel Chatter



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