It’s April Fools Day…but these hotels are no joke. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite unique places to check out. We promise, they are the real deal!

CAPSULE INN-  Tokyo, Japan

Akihabara is the digital mecca of Japan, lights everywhere, mile-high electronics palaces, and the center of the Earth for diehard Anime fans. It is also home to the Capsule Inn. This place is NOT for the claustrophobic. While you’ll surprisingly find a TV, blinds, a bed, radio, alarm clock and adjustable lighting schemes in this 1m x 1m x 2m box and even separate areas for men and women with separate restrooms too along with a complete list of instructions on how to make the most of your stay, what you will not find is space. It’s worth a try just for the experience, but maybe on the hourly room rate plan.

EUROMAST TV TOWER- Rotterdam, Netherlands

That’s right, it’s several suites set in a futuristic bubble-like dome high atop a TV tower. While the suites are beautifully outfitted and naturally provide some of the most breathtaking views you can imagine, they’re by far not the main attraction here. Their famous extreme sports adventures are what it’s all about, and just about anyone at any experience level can join in. Abseiling Descending down 100 meters without a wall to position yourself upon is pretty unbelievable in itself, but if that’s not enough- try their famous Pluck- a 100 meter glide down at a speed of 100 km/hr. 15 Seconds from top to bottom…shivers!


The “unexpected Brazil” is exactly what you should expect when embarking on one of these amazing adventure tours that personally introduces you to the soul of Brazil that very few travelers ever get to meet. Board a 25-ton truck and trailer, outfitted with a kitchen, 28 beds, and fueled with adrenaline. You travel along amazing routes in this motel on wheels- all the while being regaled with wild tales of interesting journeys by your effervescent, fearless native tourguide and diving into experiences you would have never imagined.

PLANE MOTEL- Waitomo, New Zealand

As if flying to New Zealand from most parts of the world didn’t have you airborne enough, here’s an opportunity to stay in an actual plane, on the ground. The Plane Motel in Waitomo, NZ was actually one of the last allied planes to leave Vietnam, and now sits open waiting to welcome guests who wish to pitch up in one of their two suites. The Cockpit Unit fits up to 4, word of caution- the ceilings are LOW so best for kids. Or, opt for the Tail Unit, complete with a double bed and bunks.

SALA SILVERMINE- Vastmanland, Sweden

It’s the world’s deepest bedroom- 155 meters underground in a preserved silver mine complete with winding passageways, deep cavernous spaces and mystical lakes that seem to appear out of nowhere. Word to the wise, it’s cold, damp and dank so bring proper attire, but this spelunking experience is well worth donning some layers for.


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